Line – Up

This page is where I’ll be keeping track of the mangas I’m working on, or am planning to work on in the future.

Current Projects:

“Her True Colors” – Ootsuka Kotora (DISCONTINUED / Translated)

“Koisuru Naked Girl” – Onda Chiro (DISCONTINUED / Translated)

Dragon Pink

Future Projects:

17 Responses to Line – Up

  1. Bob says:

    I was wondering if you’d take a look at this and see if it’s an extra chapter or something for Yamatogawa’s Tayu-Tayu. I didn’t think anything of it until I saw the last 2-3 pages.

    • angelocire says:

      There is indeed an ‘extra’ chapter relating to Tayu Tayu in the new Tenma. It’s just kind of a non-related gang-rape / orgy one-shot, so I’m still debating translating it or not.

      • Bob says:

        Didn’t look much like rape lol šŸ˜›

        Well, if you do decide to translate it, think you could give me a heads-up? I assume you get my email when I post, but if not, jfrost4u at yahoo dot com.

      • coda says:

        How is it related to Tayu Tayu? It looks like a one-shot…

      • angelocire says:

        yeah, it does, but it says Tayu Tayu…. so….

      • S says:

        so, do you plan on translating this extra chaper (along with the extra 4 full color pages at the beginning of the tankoubon release)? once you get back to translating that is.

  2. Bob says:

    @Coda: Do you not see the people on the last couple pages? It’s the Tayu-Tayu group >:P

  3. Unanymous says:

    I think CiRE may have died on us…..

  4. Monkeyscythe says:

    I think the character in the extra is supposed to be the teacher who didnt get any action through the whole doujin.

  5. JukanX says:

    There’s yet another Tayu Tayu short (8 pages) in the May issue of Tenma:
    Index page is at

  6. Unanymous says:

    Could you just come back and translate Dragon Pink? If nothing else please do that one.

  7. Setebos says:

    Koisuru Naked Girl has been translated in full.

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