Well… What to do.

Thank you everyone for updating me on the status of Her True Colors – specifically, that it’s been TL’ed.
I haven’t decided whether to take up Onnanoko Otokonoko yet, so I think I’ll give you guys another chapter of Koisuru Naked Girl, or possibly the first chapter of Dragon Pink later today/tomorrow morning (as in 1-2am).

I’m moving Dragon Pink into my “current” project category, so if I don’t tl ch. 1 today, it’ll be the next release.

As always, I’m open to doing one-shots immediately, so please post links to the raws in the line-up page, and I’ll make a decision quickly as to whether I’ll tl it. In truth, I need a one-shot occasionally, as a break from the same drawing styles and whatnot.

So, check back tonight for a release, and give some feedback in the comments here about what direction you think I should take.

8 Responses to Well… What to do.

  1. Setebos says:

    Koisuru Naked Girl has been translated in full.

  2. Setebos says:

    It’ll be released later today. Thank you for the first four chapters and for bringing it to our attention. Seeing you back and ready to work on something is a good feeling. Good luck to you and my best wishes. If I can be of any assistance to you, please let me know, I’m easy to find. ^^

  3. angelocire says:

    Setebos, what tl group do you work with?

  4. angelocire says:

    Also, if you could post a link to your site here so people coming here can find it, that would be much appreciated.

  5. matias067 says:

    post it on mangaupdates.com so that people could visit again this site and know that you are back on business. 🙂

  6. reaper says:

    hey man, i liked your work with otonoko onnanoko, and i hope that you continue with it, i’ve looked for it all over the web and it’s just impossible to find it translated… and keep posting, nice series you’ve got here 8)

    • angelocire says:

      meh… I never really cared for otokonoko onnanoko. I wanted to see whether working with another group, doing just the tl’ing would be faster than doing it all by myself, which it turned out not to be, mainly because all the people working on it were in different places, and all had other stuff to do.

      I’d rather not take up the whole book, but if you’ve got one or two chapters in specific that you’d like me to tl, I’ll definitely take a look at them!

      • reaper says:

        it’s ok then, if you can at least translate one of the last 3 chapters, it’s fine any of them, and thanks btw

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