Back In Business! w/Dragon Pink ch 1


Hey everyone!

I’m back as promised today with Dragon Pink chapter 1. It’s pretty straight-forward, without any of the really interesting stuff that makes Dragon Pink so great (apart from the great art style of course).

Have a read, and I’ll be back sometime next week with something else!



Well… What to do.


Thank you everyone for updating me on the status of Her True Colors – specifically, that it’s been TL’ed.
I haven’t decided whether to take up Onnanoko Otokonoko yet, so I think I’ll give you guys another chapter of Koisuru Naked Girl, or possibly the first chapter of Dragon Pink later today/tomorrow morning (as in 1-2am).

I’m moving Dragon Pink into my “current” project category, so if I don’t tl ch. 1 today, it’ll be the next release.

As always, I’m open to doing one-shots immediately, so please post links to the raws in the line-up page, and I’ll make a decision quickly as to whether I’ll tl it. In truth, I need a one-shot occasionally, as a break from the same drawing styles and whatnot.

So, check back tonight for a release, and give some feedback in the comments here about what direction you think I should take.

HOOOOOOLY …muppets!


So, It’s 2010! And March, no less.
I haven’t tl’ed anything in, well, what seems like a really long time now. I don’t know if anyone is even still checking here, but I do want to get back into tl’ing slowly. I don’t really have anything better to do with my time, seeing as I don’t have a piano (which I want to learn how to play).

I’ve also started a tech blog, seeing as that’s my main interest, so check it out if you want some reads on Linux and other random stuff.

I’ll probably finish Steel Angel pt. 2 seeing as I have it partially translated anyways, so check back around Friday night for an update!

It’s good to be back.