Release(ish)! Otokonoko Onnanoko Chapter 1

Hey everyone!
I recently worked in conjunction with Asobinin Scans in translating the first chapter of Otokonoko Onnanoko. Great kind of innocent storyline. Check it out at their blog here.



3 Responses to Release(ish)! Otokonoko Onnanoko Chapter 1

  1. JukanX says:

    Thank you!
    This was translated like two weeks ago by another group (as a commission), but I’m going to keep your version instead.

  2. Rnkz says:

    I want more steel angel.
    Hurry up please!
    btw u r awesome! (>_<)b

  3. Luco says:

    Hey CiRE, I was wondering if you were still around…? Drop by IRC if you are, I’d really like to get back in touch.

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