Her True Colors chapter 3 ENG

Hey everyone! I’m back with chapter 3 of Ootsuka Kotora’s “Her True Colors”.
I’ve been taking this week easy, since I had two exams and a project over last
weekend, but now I should be getting back into frequent releases.

This story has nurse-fetish and ashi-koki.






12 Responses to Her True Colors chapter 3 ENG

  1. rune says:

    yay. first!

    thanks for the release. need new hdds, the collection grows to big 😡

  2. Xero says:

    Thanks again ^_^

  3. Orez says:

    Thanks a lot man. I am a huge fan of this guy. Listen can you tell me as to which chapter is “It will be book on if the wife is sold”. Seems to me that it’s from the same book. Thanks.

  4. iPoodx says:

    according to mangaupdates, it’s chp 4.

  5. Syl says:

    um… what’s the title of this chapter?

  6. 2Hip says:

    What may be the title to this tale (chapter 3)? Please..

    Sorry if it’s there staring me in the face, darn it. But i just don’t see it.

  7. JukanX says:

    診療♡時間 = “Chiropractic ♡ time”

    “medical examination and treatment”, literally. A whole range of innuendos on “hand treatment time” are available, too…

  8. Anonymous says:


  9. rune says:

    hi – since you proved to be open for sugestions i would like to ask if you would give joji manabe’s “ring x mama” a try. funny, well drawn, straight sex. not /d/ although the girls do some kind of martial arts/wrestling


    • angelocire says:

      sure, I’ll take a look at it. If it’s not a one-shot, though, I probably won’t be able to do it – I’ve already got too many full-book projects lined-up.

      • angelocire says:

        then again, if you have one chapter in specific that you’re dying to see translated, I can treat it as a one-shot.

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