Her True Colors chapter 2 – Good Luck, Volleyball Club!

Hello, everyone!
Today’s release is chapter two of Her True Colors, as promised!
Not much else to say! Oh, I am officially taking Sunday off from translating, so KNG 03 will be released on Monday.


Mega Upload:
chapter 2

chapter 2

chapter 2


8 Responses to Her True Colors chapter 2 – Good Luck, Volleyball Club!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Didn’t I told you that this was already translated?

    • angelocire says:

      I remembered someone mentioning that it might be, but I didn’t have the link to anyone’s page who translated the chapter, so I decided to go ahead and translate it. Anyways, it’s just one day’s worth of work, so I don’t mind.

  2. anonymous says:

    Nice, I “read” this tank a long time ago and was interested in numerous stories within it, thanks for your work.

  3. Xero says:

    Thanks for the new chapter. Not my type, but hopefully some more like ch1 will show up ^_^

  4. Grateful Lurker says:

    Thanks for the hard work! Hopefully the rest of the stories have less rage XD.

    Keep up the great scanlations! 😀

  5. nonyabsns says:

    love the art. first chapter was superb.
    hated this story. brings back bad memories of past realtionship.
    hope to see more soon (hopefully with stories more to my taste.)

  6. Orez says:

    Otsuka is just freaking amazing. I love all of his works, so I hope you will translate more.

  7. wht says:

    Hate rage stories as well. Can’t resist the drawings though. Such superb pictures… Sumire is so pretty. Such a pity it has to turn out this way, with that a*ssh*le captain having his way with her… Many thanks for the translation!

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