Koisuru Naked Girl chapter 2

Hey everyone! Sorry I didn’t get this release out until morning, but I had a paper to write.
This is the second chapter of Koisuru Naked Girl. It’s a nice love story, with a funny-ish take.

Mega Upload:
chapter 2
note: the mega upload release has 2 uncorrected spelling mistakes.

chapter 2

chapter 2

kng 02 eng

5 Responses to Koisuru Naked Girl chapter 2

  1. Unanymous says:

    Page 4 Last panel. …note should be …not
    Page 6 Above Last panel. was for her to be my girlfriend!

    That’s all I can find atm.

    • angelocire says:

      lol. thanks, especially for the second one. XD
      I’ll get an updated version out before tomorrow – I’ve got class starting soon.

      Once again, thanks!

  2. Hostile says:

    I really like these cute stories in Koisuru Naked Girl.

  3. Xero says:

    Thanks for the new chapter ^_^

  4. RagingRaven says:

    Eh, the heavy censoring kind of kills these. I guess my past with H has spoiled me a bit.

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