Koisuru Naked Girl Chapter 1

Hey everyone,
Another day, another release! Today’s treat is the first chapter of Onda Chiro’s “Koisuru Naked Girl”.
It’s pretty interesting, even if the plot leaves something to be desired. Still, it’s an erohon, so what
do you want, Mark Twain?

Enjoy reading! Tomorrow’s release will be “Her True Colors” chapter 1, so expect the next chapter of KNG
on Thursday.

Until someone explains what people mean when they talk about some special method to ensuring your links stay up on Media Fire, I’ll be using Save File and MU. If you know what this is about, please drop me a comment.

Chapter 1

Mega Upload:
Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Koisuru Naked Girl Chapter 1

Koisuru Naked Girl Chapter 1

Mega Upload

7 Responses to Koisuru Naked Girl Chapter 1

  1. Yousuke says:

    Thanks for the release 🙂
    Going to check this site everyday xD

  2. hell, this is the reason for disappearing for the whole day…

    • angelocire says:

      I have class, you know. If I wasn’t in my room, I was probably there. Starcraft still on for Friday?

  3. A non says:

    Thanks for the release.

    You’re thinking about link protection, right? From what I understand it’s to prevent someone from using a bot or whatever to report files. I’ve seen this one used a couple of times on /h/:


    I dunno much about this either, and there probably are other options too, but maybe this’ll get you started.

  4. rune says:

    wow, those mangaupdates people really dont report your releases fast enough.

    thanks again for the release

  5. Oliver says:

    The problem is the link reporting from hentai blogs is done on an industrial scale by zealotous people (trusting the copy of a removal request notice one of my zip hosts transmitted me, it comes from some japanese publishers), so lix.in complicates the task of the people doing it, but it won’t prevent the links from being reported.

    I’d suggest you use Sharebee.com for your zips.
    The way it works : you upload a zip to sharebee, sharebee reuploads it himself to 4 or 5 other zip hosts like rapidshare, badongo, mediafire, depositfiles, etcetera.

    You receive 1 sharebee link, your visitors click it and they’re offered the choice between 4-5 mirrors.
    That’s much more work for the people reporting the links (sharebee doesn’t kill his links, it seems), that’s easier for your visitors, and that saves you time.

    I think the idea is good, it would help you, in your case…

  6. Oliver says:

    Oh, I just forgot : if you’re into paying zip hosts “à la” depositfiles, an clone of sharebee.com would be uploadjockey.com, they give you a bit of money for the clicks.

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