Koisuru Naked Girl Chapter 1


Hey everyone,
Another day, another release! Today’s treat is the first chapter of Onda Chiro’s “Koisuru Naked Girl”.
It’s pretty interesting, even if the plot leaves something to be desired. Still, it’s an erohon, so what
do you want, Mark Twain?

Enjoy reading! Tomorrow’s release will be “Her True Colors” chapter 1, so expect the next chapter of KNG
on Thursday.

Until someone explains what people mean when they talk about some special method to ensuring your links stay up on Media Fire, I’ll be using Save File and MU. If you know what this is about, please drop me a comment.

Chapter 1

Mega Upload:
Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Koisuru Naked Girl Chapter 1

Koisuru Naked Girl Chapter 1

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