Sayounara Kirisame Sensei


By far the hardest doujin I’ll be translating for a while.
Fun, nonetheless. Thanks to Raven for suggesting it. Enjoy it man.

I know the resolution leaves something to be desired, but that’s how they came on Danbooru.

Also, there were some notes about phrases that I didn’t want to add an extra page to explain. They go as follows:

Pororokka – I have no idea what this means, but it’s used as an adjective to describe aliens. *shrugs*

RasuBosu’s Benishiro clothes – Benishiro is an NHK-hosted Enka / dance event, and RasuBosu is either a person or group who designes clothes for the singers. They’re pretty garish looking, from the few pictures I found.

Taspo – This is pretty interesting. It’s a card you can get upon turning 20 that identifies you as so to cigarrette vending machines, and other authority figures alike. It’s being touted by the government as a step towards eliminating underage smoking. Apparently not everyone shares their optimism.

(9) ( like a nine in a circle) – this is apparently a Touhou fan inside joke about a character, Cirno, who’s even portrayed by ZUN (the creator of Touhou) as being an idiot, thus eventually making (9) / Cirno/ “Nine-Ball” synonymous with ‘idiot’, for Touhou fans.

There. Done. Enjoy.

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