Hello world!

Welcome to the launch of my blog!

Here I’ll be posting links to doujins and mangas I translate here, as well as links to other blogs and useful/ interesting websites.

4 Responses to Hello world!

  1. coral422 says:

    Thanks a bunch for the translations

    Hope you translate chapter 9 next

  2. rune says:

    so i see you took up anons kind advice and created a blog. good work man.

    thank you for tanking up tayu tayu’s last two chapters, you did a very good job on them.

    thank you, stay with us, and best regards to rallyT!

  3. maxt says:

    Hope you’re here to stay and not get trashed by those lowlifes.

  4. kage says:

    good luck with ur translation and i’m looking forward to ur works

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