Back In Business! w/Dragon Pink ch 1


Hey everyone!

I’m back as promised today with Dragon Pink chapter 1. It’s pretty straight-forward, without any of the really interesting stuff that makes Dragon Pink so great (apart from the great art style of course).

Have a read, and I’ll be back sometime next week with something else!



Well… What to do.


Thank you everyone for updating me on the status of Her True Colors – specifically, that it’s been TL’ed.
I haven’t decided whether to take up Onnanoko Otokonoko yet, so I think I’ll give you guys another chapter of Koisuru Naked Girl, or possibly the first chapter of Dragon Pink later today/tomorrow morning (as in 1-2am).

I’m moving Dragon Pink into my “current” project category, so if I don’t tl ch. 1 today, it’ll be the next release.

As always, I’m open to doing one-shots immediately, so please post links to the raws in the line-up page, and I’ll make a decision quickly as to whether I’ll tl it. In truth, I need a one-shot occasionally, as a break from the same drawing styles and whatnot.

So, check back tonight for a release, and give some feedback in the comments here about what direction you think I should take.

HOOOOOOLY …muppets!


So, It’s 2010! And March, no less.
I haven’t tl’ed anything in, well, what seems like a really long time now. I don’t know if anyone is even still checking here, but I do want to get back into tl’ing slowly. I don’t really have anything better to do with my time, seeing as I don’t have a piano (which I want to learn how to play).

I’ve also started a tech blog, seeing as that’s my main interest, so check it out if you want some reads on Linux and other random stuff.

I’ll probably finish Steel Angel pt. 2 seeing as I have it partially translated anyways, so check back around Friday night for an update!

It’s good to be back.

Release(ish)! Otokonoko Onnanoko Chapter 1


Hey everyone!
I recently worked in conjunction with Asobinin Scans in translating the first chapter of Otokonoko Onnanoko. Great kind of innocent storyline. Check it out at their blog here.



Finally Back! (w/HTC Ch.5 – Steel Angel)


I’m finally back to translating after my month-and-a-half hiatus. I’m with my brother and his wife for the Summer, though, so I can only really translate at night. I’ll still be trying to get out releases frequently, nonetheless.

I had thought of doing something special for this release, but in the end I just did the next chapter of HTC.
It is, however, the first of I believe three parts in the “Steel Angel” storyline, so I will be doing the other two chapters before continuing on with KNG.

Great story; really gives meaning to “no really means yes”.


Note: Now using Media Fire!



Nearly There!


Well… wow.
Finals are done, and for anyone still checking back who didn’t see my comment reply listing June 1st as my official return date… that’s it.

Nearly there – I just need to get back home for the Summer, and I can start TL’ing again.
Come back on the 1st, or just lurk around on /h/ to see what I’ll have done (I think I’ll try to do something special for the 1st…).


Koisuru Naked Girl chapter 4 – Lovers


Today’s release is KNG 4, “Lovers”. Basic love story. Good art style makes up for the bland plot.

Also, I have revised the site from being a release-a-day to being a release every 3-4 days or so. This is mainly because of school. Once the Summer comes, I’ll be back to very frequent releases, so hang in there until then.